Every cup a story

Everyone has a story. Tell yours.

Welcome to Skald Coffee!

In Norse culture, a skald was a poet, or storyteller, who through song and story built the reputation of the great men and women of their day. This storytelling is the inspiration behind Skald Coffee – not only a great cup of coffee, but also a story.

We believe in strengthening relationships with great coffee and genuine conversation; building connections face-to-face and enjoying the seemingly lost art of storytelling.

We encourage you to slow down, enjoy your coffee, and connect with those you love.

Everyone has a story. Tell yours.

Our Beans

Our beans are roasted in the Northern Rockies and come from farms in Columbia, Guatemala, Mexico, and Costa Rica. Our flavors give a full body profile of rich chocolate, brown sugar, a little citrus, and honey.

Our Grinds

We offer our Our House Blend in whole bean, espresso, and drip.

  • Whole bean is ideal for the brewer who has a way of grinding their beans into either course or fine grounds.
  • Espresso is best for the brewer who is pulling shots through an espresso machine.
  • Drip is the grind you want if you’re looking for a wonderful, big pot of coffee brewed in a standard coffee pot or coffee press.