Traveler's Size - 4oz
Traveler's Size - 4oz
Traveler's Size - 4oz

Traveler's Size - 4oz


4oz | 133 g

When do you need a small bag of Skald coffee? 

  • Taking a few days to hike into the mountains 
  • Day trip to the beach 
  • Traveling and hate hotel coffee 
  • Staying with a friend whose coffee taste is questionable 
  • Quick work trip out of town 

Roasted in the Northern Rockies, our House Blend is a fragrant mixture of beans from Columbia, Guatemala, and Mexico. This blend has a full body profile, giving the enjoyer tastes of rich chocolate, brown sugar, a little citrus, and honey.

Whether starting your day or enjoying company, tell your story with Skald.

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Whether you’re a connoisseur or a casual coffee drinker, we know deciding between whole and pre-ground beans is an important part of your coffee experience.