The White Wolf
The White Wolf
The White Wolf
The White Wolf
The White Wolf

The White Wolf


12oz | 340 g


White coffee differs from the standard coffee bean because it is roasted for less time. This not only changes the flavor, giving the beans a wonderful nutty taste, but it increases the amount of caffeine and lessens the acidity.  

We love white coffee and are passionate about the quality and taste of the beans we send you! We're working on a video to show how we recommend our white coffee be pulled. We recommend it be used as espresso only!

The Legend of the White Wolf 

"A hundred years ago, in the rugged Montana mountains, lived a beast so menacing and formidable that the tales of his escapes from death are still told to this day. The White Killer – a wolf said to have been the size of a small calf and far older than many of his kind ever lived to be. He savaged the land for over a decade, becoming known to ranchers and townspeople as a destroyer of cattle and livelihoods. Covered in scars and bullet markings, he evaded hunters from all over the country as each one set out to catch the uncatchable. Every attempt failed, until early 1913 in Montana’s Little Belt mountains. Two men and their dogs met with the wolf in a final showdown. The saga that had gripped the land in fear for so long was finally ended and the legend of the unkillable wolf was born."

The White Wolf story is a part of the history of Montana that has been passed down through the generations. The wolf itself is located in Russell County at the Basin Trading Post in Stanford, MT. 

Photo credit - Montana History Portal 

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